V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University (Official Site)

To mark Science Day, Karazin University has held the solemn opening of the exhibition of works of art executed by the students of Kharkiv Satate Academy of Design and Arts.

In his welcoming speech, the University President, Vil Bakirov, pointed out, “The authors managed to fulfill a unique task: to implement likeness in a portrait, outline the branch of science that represents the personality and express their own impressions from the scientists and scholars.” He emphasized that the exposition includes 48 portraits of prominent scholars to have worked in Kharkiv region, particularly 30 scholars’ activities are associated with Karazin University. Among the peculiarities of the exhibition, the President noted unusual poster manner, philosophical, skillful, artistic and creative vision.”

“This gallery has the portraits of alumni of Kharkiv School of Historians: the historian, archaeologist and ethnographer Dmytro Yavornytsky, the academician, chronicler of Sloboda Ukraine Dmytro Bahalii, the historian of antiquity Vladyslav Buzeskul,” stressed the Director of P. T. Tronko Center for Area Studies, Serhii Kudelko.

The Vice-President Mykola Azarienkov also focused on several portraits, “Antonina Prykhodko is a laureate of state prizes, teacher of many outstanding academicians. Yakov Feinberg is a graduate from the School of Physics and Mathematics of Kharkiv State University, a prominent physicist, founder of the Ukrainian scientific school in physics and technology of linear accelerators and plasma electronics. Anton Valter is an outstanding physicist, a teacher of many generations of scientists. It was he who created the Department of Experimental Nuclear Physics of Kharkiv University”.

“The exhibition is a designer’s view of science, particularly of outstanding scientists and scholars of Kharkiv and Ukraine through images and emotional clichés. We tried to show science for students by using a bright and living language of colors and lines. Overall, this event is a dialogue between the generations, a dialogue between the Academy of Design and Arts and Karazin University,” commented the co-organizer, one of the authors of the exhibition Serhii Kozlov.

The exhibition presents 48 portraits of prominent scientists and scholars, including the astronomer Nikolay Barabashov, the doctor-anatomist Vladimir Vorobyov, the surgeon and educator Nikolay Pirogov, the mathematician Aleksei Pogorelov, the Slavonic scholar and linguist Alexander Potebnja, the psychiatrist and physiologist Victor Protopopov, the geographer and cartographer Stepan Rudnytsky. The exposition also includes interactive books, albums of stamps and postcards.