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The department of international economic relations and tourist business trains bachelors for the following qualifications: 6.030203 “international economic relations” (bachelor of international economic relations), and 6.140103 “tourism” (bachelor of tourism). The course takes four years. On the basis of bachelor of international economic relations course training of master is carried out (1-year course) for the qualification 8.030403 “international economic relations” (international economist, interpreter) and specialist (1-year course) for the qualification 7.030403“international economic relations” (specialist of international economic relations, interpreter). On the basis of bachelor of tourism course training of master is carried out (1-year course) for the qualification 8.050401 “tourism” (master of tourism) and specialist (1-year course) for the qualification 7.050401“tourism” (specialist of tourism).

Training of students is carried out at the state order as well as on a contract basis. Retraining of graduate professionals (second higher education) on the contract basis at the qualification of specialist is accomplished. At the department of international economic relations and tourist business 900 full-time and external students including 100 foreign citizens are being trained at the moment.

The high level of preparation of professionals at the department is promoted by study courses of the faculty in the leading universities and institutes of Ukraine and other countries of the world. The training courses of the students of the department are read by the leading lecturers of the Economics, Law, Sociologic, Foreign language departments as well as other departments of the university, leading professionals of the state administration, organizations, and enterprises of Kharkiv. Lecturers use modern techniques of teaching.


The science and teaching activity at the filed of “international economic relations” in the University started in 1995 when the Chair of international economic relations was organized at the Economic department. The creation of the department of international economic relations and tourism in 2005 became a logical consequence.

The training, science activity, methodological, and organization activity of the department is carried out by 80 highly-qualified lecturers – professors, associate professors, and senior lecturers. There are 3 chairs at the department: the Chair of international economic relations, the Chair of the tourist business, the Chair of economic theory.

Science, branches.

The department sustains scientific and training relations with numerous institutes of higher education in Ukraine and other countries of the world, including Kyiv T. Shevchenko National University, Belgorod State University, Poznan state university, St. Petersburg state university, Lviv I. Franko national university, Tavriysky I.I. Mechnikov national university, Chernigiv T.G. Shevchenko state pedagogical university and others.

Student scientific association performs actively at the department. Students of the department have the possibility to go for scientific and research work, take part in scientific conferences and publish their studies. Students of the department are winners and laureates of students’ study competitions and professional competitions.

At the department, there is a postgraduate course for the qualification of 08.00.02 “World economy and international economic relations”.

Aiming to prepare faculty of the higher qualification a Specialized academic council K 64.051.25 was organized at the department in 2010. It has the authority to accept for consideration and defense of the thesis for the grade of candidate of economic science at the qualification 08.00.02 “World economy and international economic relations”.

Specialized publications

Along with the specialist of the Economic Department, Visnyk of the Kharkiv national university Economics series is published.

A scientific and practical journal “Region: strategy and priorities” is published.

Academic work

An important role in the training of bachelors is played by the reading of the professionally-oriented disciplines:

  • “international economic relations”: theory of international relations, international information, international public and private law, conflictology and theory of negotiations, diplomatic protocol and ethics, diplomatic and consul service, international economic relations, international organizations, economic and mathematical modeling of the world economy processes, international relations and world politics, logistics, world finance, theory and practice of the foreign trade. Special attention is paid at the language training of the students and computer knowledge. More than 2000 of academic hours are granted for foreign language studies. Second-year students have computer machinery practice.
  • “tourism”: tourist resources of Ukraine, recreation complex, tourism organization, organization of recreation, transport, excursion, animation services, the technology of hotel and restaurant business, information systems and services in tourism, tourism enterprises activity analysis, licensing and certification of tourist services, basics of balneology, legal control of tourist activity.

First and second-year students have tourist country-specific practice and tourist practice. As a rule, the practice is carried out outside the Kharkiv region, i.e. picturesque places of Crimea and other parts of Ukraine. Third and fourth-year students have practice at the basis of the leading enterprises of the tourist sector of Ukraine.

The academic plans of the “international economic relations” qualification include foreign economy and pre-graduation practice. The basis for the practices is the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Ministry of foreign affairs of Ukraine, Kharkiv state administration, Kharkiv Chamber of Commerce, banking organizations, state and private enterprises which conduct the foreign activity, etc. The practice is a compulsory part of the training for a particular degree. Its objective is to practice the knowledge gained during the classes and independent work, to enlarge practical skills. During the practice, students carry out individual and group tasks composed up to the programs of their practice.

Readings of the special courses and special practices for the fourth year students as well as completion of bachelor thesis (“tourism” qualification) are done by the corresponding chairs.

In 2008 a new tradition was introduced – a celebration of the International day of tourism. During the celebration, first-year students are initiated and become tourist-students and they are given certificates of tourists at the sports complex in Sokolniki.

Students of the department take part in the work of the summer schools abroad, scientific conferences, gain grants for the training in the foreign institutions of higher education. Students of the department may have practical studies in tourist companies abroad if they wish.

Admittance to the MA course is done on the basis of the competition taking into account all the marks for the previous 4 years, scientific work of the students and results of the state exam and the preliminary examination in foreign language. Plans of the preparation of the masters and specialists of international economic relations are composed on the basis of the qualification level of bachelor of international economic relations; plans of the preparation of the masters and specialists of tourism are composed on the basis of the qualification level of bachelor of tourism.

Chairs which train masters and specialists for the corresponding qualifications provide reading of special disciplines and qualification (diploma and master’s) thesis during the term of training.

Sphere of the department graduates activity: enterprises and organizations which deal with international economic operations, tourist agencies, trade mission abroad, customs office, state administration departments, taxation bodies, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine apparatus, diplomacy and consular activity etc.