V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University (Official Site)

The School of Sociology of V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University was founded in 1990 and it became the first School of Sociology in Ukraine.

The School trains specialists under the following programs:

Bachelor’s degree program (4 years of training) in Sociology, Political Science and “Advertisement and Public Relations”.

The form of state attestation is State Exams in “Theory and History of Sociology”, “Methodology and Methods of Sociology” (area of training – “Sociology”), “Theory and History of Sociology and Social Work”, “Methods of Sociology and Social Work” (area of training – “Sociology” with specialization in Social Work), “Theory and History of Politics,” «Applied Political Science» (area of training – “Political Science”).

Specialist’s degree program (1 year of training). The form of state attestation is a diploma paper defended at the State Examination Board). The majors are “Sociology”, “Social Work” and “Political Science”.

Master’s degree program (1 year of training). The form of state attestation is a Master’s paper defended at the State Examination Board). The majors are “Sociology”, “Social Work”, “Political Science” and “Media-Communications” (1.5 years of training).

The School teaches 467 full-time students and 180 extramural students from Ukraine, Russia, China, Nigeria, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Kazakhstan.

Every year the six departments of the School offer their students new specializations. Today they are “Sociocultural Examination”, “Social Structures and Processes”, “Social Communications”, “Methods of Sociological Research”, “Political Marketing and Political Consulting”, “Political Sociology”, “Social Process Control”, “Social Security”, “Social Management”.

Students of the School, social workers, and political scientists study over 100 various courses, including “Methodology and Organization of Sociological Research”, “Sociological Basics of Marketing”, “Conflictology”, “Public Relations”, “Sociology of Advertising”, “Sociology of Mass Communications”, “Sociological Methods of Market Research”, “Technology of Electoral Sociological Research”, “Theory of International Relations”, “Comparative Politics”, “History and Theory of Political Parties’, “Political Elites and Leadership”, “Political Imagology”, “Social Policy”, “Internet-Communications”, “Cyberculture and Virtual Reality”, “Web-Design and Blogging”, “Graphic Design as Form of Social Communication”, “Self-Presentation and Image in Media Context”, “Information Law and Intellectual Property, etc. in 2011 the School opened a press center which is the basis for social communication students to have their practical training.

The best students are awarded honorary M. M. Kovalevsky and O. O.Yakuba scholarships.

School alumni work at universities, advertising, and marketing agencies, media, press services, public opinion research companies, bodies of public administration and local government, social services, etc.

Students of the School usually actively participate in numerous competitions, contests, and the like. In 2010—2011 academic year alone they took prize-winning places at the All-Ukrainian competition of students’ scientific works in sociology and political sciences; the All-Ukrainian students’ contest in sociology; the University stage of P. Yatsyk International competition of Ukrainian language experts; International Academic Popularity Rating “Golden Fortune”; competitive selection for Victor Pinchuk Foundation Scholarship program “Zavtra.UA” in psychology and sociology.

The School of Sociology offers postgraduate and doctoral degree programs. The School has a Specialized Academic Council for the defense of doctoral theses in sociology in the following three specialties: 22.00.01 – Theory and History of Sociology, 22.00.04 – Special and area-specific Sociology, 22.00.03 – Social Structures and Social Relations.

The School has modern facilities and is constantly working on its improvement.