V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University (Official Site)

Kharkiv University started training international students in 1948. Since then the School for International Students Training has graduated about 5,000 students from Europe, Asia, and America. In 1961 one of the first preparatory schools for international students was created in Ukraine. Since then, over 12,000 international students have had language training at the University.

The Center offers bachelor’s, master’s, candidate’s, and doctor’s degrees programs. Qualification licenses can be obtained through full-time and part-time (correspondence) modes of training. Some Schools introduce the education of foreign students in English.

The Center prepares students for further study at Kharkiv University or any other university in Ukraine or the CIS. Training at the Center is conducted in Ukrainian or Russian depending on the student’s choice.

International students, teachers, and businessmen are offered intensive courses of Ukrainian or Russian, as well as training programs of various length. Over 700 instructors and researchers from various countries have taken re-training courses at the Center.

Since the last 10 years 60 candidate’s degrees have been conferred, 13 of which were conferred in the last 2009 year by the University on international students.

Nowadays the 20 Schools of the University currently enroll more than 1300 international students from 50 countries.