V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University (Official Site)

University Student Research Society is a body of student self-government, created to realize undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate students’ leadership, creative and research potential, and involve them in research programs run by the University.

The history of various student research groups and societies goes back to the 1820-s when they became an important part of University life. For the following 100 years, students’ research activity would change its forms though never cease. In 1936 the University organizes the Student Research Society as a centralized center for coordinating the activity of undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate student research groups and societies. This was one of the first organizations of the kind in the former USSR. The first head of the Society was B.M. Krasovytskyi, who would later become Doctor of Sciences (Chemistry), Full professor and Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. In 2004 Student Research Society was reformed and it acquired its present-day structure and functions.

Today the Society is a body governing the activity of 19 School Student Research Society. The Society members are students, who are engaged in research activity at the University Departments and Schools, they initiate and organize national and international research conferences, forum for young researchers, actively participate in conferences, competitions, and grant programs, work in research groups promoting information among students, take an active part in social life.

The principles of the Society are:

  • the supremacy of research creativity and cooperation;
  • voluntary participation and equal rights of the members;
  • self-government and transparent activity;
  • the harmonious combination of the study process and research activity.

Main purposes include:

  • provision for and protection of students’ rights and interests regarding the organization of the teaching process and research activity;
  • selection of talented students and assistance in their research activity;
  • creation of conditions for the realization of undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students’ research and creative potential, forming a researcher’s personality – modern scientist with wide and democratic outlook;
  • promotion of research activity among students;
  • creation of student research groups to allow students and young researchers realize their research potential;
  • organization of conferences, readings, and workshops with the participation of students and young researchers as well as guest lecturers and researchers from other educational and research institutions;
  • participation in international, national, interregional, regional and other student projects, competitions, conferences;
  • cooperation with student research societies of other Kharkiv Universities, Universities in Ukraine and abroad;
  • organization and development of research and cultural cooperation with Universities in Ukraine and abroad;
  • dissemination of information and publishing activity.

University Student Research Society is always open to your new ideas. We are looking forward to a fruitful cooperation.