V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University (Official Site)

Areas of training

Geology and Geography Faculty trains specialists in educational qualification levels:

Bachelor in the field of:

  • Geology
  • Geography
  • Master and Specialist in:
  • Geology
  • Hydrogeology
  • Geography
  • Economic and social geography
  • Geography recreation and tourism

Information for the school leavers

Geology and Geography Faculty trains Bachelors of Geology and Bachelors of Geography. The BA degree is awarded after the successfully completed 4-year-course, the MA – after the 5-year-course. The Specialist Diploma is obtained after 5 years of study.

To enroll in the Geology and Geography Faculty it is necessary to have the Certificates of the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment in Ukrainian language, Mathematics, Geography, or Physics (by choice).

On the basis of Bachelor degree one can obtain Master and Specialist degree (1 year training period) in the following specialties and specializations:

  • Master (Specialist) of Geology,
  • Master (Specialist) of Geology majoring in “geology of oil and gas”,
  • Master (Specialist) of Hydrogeology,
  • Master (Specialist) of Geography majoring in “Cadastre and Land Monitoring “, “Local History and Tourism “, “Geographic Cartography”, “Physical Geography and Geoecology,” “Physical Geography and Hydrometeorology” ” Education Management “,
  • Master (Specialist) of Economic and Social Geography majoring in “World and Regional Economy”, “Distribution of productive forces and Regions study”.

All education-related expenses are covered either by the state or by an individual.

The faculty is also retraining people with higher education (the second higher education) on a contract basis. Today more than 400 students study full-time and about 300 students study by distance learning, including 50 foreign nationals.

The Faculty has postgraduate studies in “Geographic Cartography”, “Constructive Geography”, “Geophysics and Geochemistry of Landscapes,” “Economic and Social Geography “,” Hydrogeology “. In 2009 the Faculty opened a specialized academic council in candidate’s degree on specialty 11.00.02.- “Economic and Social Geography”, the Chairman is Doctor of geographic sciences Professor L.M. Nemets.

High level of students tuition at the faculty of Geology and Geography is provided by highly qualified lecturers, computer and research laboratories, conducting lessons at the regional stations of young tourists, Ukrainian Research Institute of ecological problems, the Nature Museum, educational and practical training at enterprises and research institutions of the city.

History and present-day of the Faculty

Geology and Geography Faculty is one of the oldest academic units of Kharkiv University. The vast majority of main subjects have been taught from the very foundation of the University. During these years such outstanding scientists as geologists N.D. Borysyak, I. F. Levakovsky, D.N. Sobolev, A.V. Hurkov,

K.N. Savich -Zablotsky, paleontologist and paleogeographer V. P. Makrydin, stratigrapher I.M. Remizov, lithologist S.I. Shumenko, hydrogeologist

G.G. Maliovany, geobotanist – earth scientist A. Krasnov, anthropologist and physical geographer O.A. Ivanivsky, geomorphologists M.I.Dmytriyev, S.I. Prohodsky, glaciologist P.V. Kovalev, meteorologist G.P. Dubinsky, and many others.

Tuition of the students is conducted by five departments:

  • Department of geology (scientific areas: morphology, microstructure, paleobiogeography, paleobiochemistry of invertebrates and nannoplankton MZ + KZ Ukraine, CIS, the world scientific geological tourism).
  • Department of Mineralogy, petrography and mineral resources (scientific areas: the study of the geological structure, lithology, mineralogy, and geochemistry of coal-bearing formations of Ukraine, Russia, Poland, the Czech Republic and the study of unique mineral formations in the Donbas coal deposits, the study of the geological structure of the oil and gas fields and their development; study of evaporite mineral deposits in Ukraine).
  • Department of Hydrogeology (research areas: a study of groundwater formation processes, transformations in the chemical composition of the underground hydrosphere, disturbance of its regime under the influence of anthropogenic factors, groundwater pollution, and its prevention, protection of engineering structures and territories, underground hydrosphere regime management).
  • Department of Physical Geography and Cartography (scientific areas: problems of continuous education in geography, travel ethnography, development of scientific bases of environmental conservation, educational and complex thematic mapping, and geography-reclamation monitoring.)
  • Department of Social and Economic Geography and regional studies (scientific areas: World and regional economy, distribution of productive forces and regions study, sightseeing study and recreational activities, the study of the social sphere of Kharkiv region, theoretical, methodological, and applied aspects of sustainable development).

Today the Faculty has considerable scientific and educational potential. Courses are provided by lecturers of the highest qualification, real experts in their spheres of knowledge. 18 Doctors of sciences, professors, 28 Associate Professors work at the five departments of the faculty.

The Faculty actively collaborates with 8 universities in foreign countries and more than 20 universities of Russia, Belarus, Moldova, and other CIS countries. Agreements with Manchester (UK), Poznan (Poland), Suceava (Romania), and Asyut (Egypt) Universities have been signed about students exchange programs, according to which the best students seconded to the short-term training and internship abroad. We also have active cooperation with the travel company TEZ TOUR, under which students have the opportunity to undergo training in Turkey (Antalya).

Practical training is held in the Crimea, the Carpathians, Kyiv, Lviv, Sumy, Zaporizzhia , Poltava, Uman, the Donbas, in Transcarpathia, in Kharkiv and abroad, particularly in Russia, Moldova, Belarus, Turkey. Theoretical and practical training skills are complemented by students’ research work, which they acquire by participating in the research work of the departments.

Educational work

Theoretical training of students consists of 4 discipline blocks:

  • Fundamental – higher mathematics, physics, chemistry;
  • Humanities and social – history of Ukraine, history of the culture of Ukraine, philosophy, political science, sociology, cultural studies, pedagogy, psychology, law, foreign language, Ukrainian language;
  • Blocks of professionally-oriented and special disciplines – a major part of students’ training taught by the departments according to their professional direction.

Under the Bologna Process, students study a number of subjects of their choice. At the Faculty methodological work is conducted for foreign students (preparing for a special publication of manuals, etc.). Elements of distance learning, online consultations, etc. are being actively introduced. Students are provided by textbooks at a high level (fully – 76%, partially – 24%, not provided – 0%). There were published at the Faculty: in 2009 two textbooks, 14 teaching materials, in 2010 – 4 manuals, 12 materials. There are 75 electronic versions of teaching materials, 45 sets of multimedia support, 12 borrowed interactive electronic textbooks. The level of teaching according to students increases 3,9 – in 2003, 4,1 – in 2007, 4,4 – in 2009.

An important element of tuition at the Geology and Geography Faculty is the educational and training practical work, for quality training of students two training facilities have been equipped in the Kharkiv region, namely in the village of Gaidary and near the town of Izyum.

The students of geological and hydrogeological specialties have their teaching practical work on the Donbas, in the Crimea and Transcarpathia, along the Donbas and Crimea on a specially equipped facility in the village of Kamianka Izyum district of Kharkiv region. Practical training is held in geological organizations of Ukraine, and the best students are sent abroad – to Russia, Egypt, and Romania.

Research work

Theoretical and practical training of students is complemented by the skills of research which they obtain by taking part in the research work of their departments.

Clubs, sections, seminars on various scientific topics are organized by the departments. Thus, in the meetings of the discussion group about 30 people (students, graduate students, tutors) participate discussing reports of students’ practical work in accordance with the curriculum, issues of new areas of social geography, and important problems of socio-economic development of regions of Ukraine.

The following traditional conferences are held every year at the Faculty:

  • International scientific-practical conference “Region: optimal development strategy;
  • XIX International scientific-methodical seminar: “Cartographic provision of geographic education”.
  • International Scientific and Practical Conference of Students and Young Scientists ” Region: social and geographical aspects”;
  • International Conference of Students and young scientists dedicated to the memory of G.P. Dubinsky.
  • Also, the seminars of the faculty and university level are held, such as
  • Workshop in memory of Academician S. Rudnytsky.
  • Seminar dedicated to the 60 anniversary of the proclamation of the People’s Republic of China.

The Students Society has been successfully working at the Faculty, due to its high credibility increases the proportion of students engaged in scientific activity. Junior students chose a topic of research, have the possibility to be engaged in research work, participate in scientific conferences, and publish their scientific work. Research students of the Faculty actively participate in international conferences (at the Geography Faculty of Kyiv Taras Shevchenko national university, Odessa Mechnikov University, Lviv Ivan Franko national university, Tavria Vernadsky national university, Donetsk national technical university, Dnipropetrovsk national university, Odessa state institute of ecology, Belgorod state university, Moscow state university, St. Petersburg state university, etc.) held in the leading scientific centers of Ukraine and other countries. Accordingly, students in Geology and Geography Faculty successfully participate in student research contests, students research work competition at regional and national levels, in particular, our students are winners of regional and nationwide competitions, participate in national and international scientific conferences, seminars, forums, have their own publications, successfully participating in the scholarship programs of the state level, particularly in 2009/2010 academic year, 5 students of the Faculty became Fellows of the Program “Tomorrow” sponsored by Mr. Pinchuk’s Foundation.

The Faculty has postgraduate studies in “Geographic Cartography”, “Constructive Geography”, “Geophysics and Geochemistry of Landscapes,” “Economic and Social Geography “,” Hydrogeology “. In 2009 the Faculty opened a specialized academic council (K 64.051.23) on candidate’s degree on specialty 11.00.02. – “Economic and Social Geography”, the Chairman is Doctor of geographic sciences L.M. Nyemets.

The faculty publishes three journals, included in the list of HAK Ukraine:

  • Herald of Kharkiv National University, Series “Geology. Geography”;
  • Journal of social and economic geography;
  • Problems of geographic education and continuous mapping.