V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University (Official Site)

The School of Philosophy started in 2001. The first Department was established with the foundation of Kharkiv University in 1804. The first Full Professor of the Department was the follower of I. Fikhte – Johan Baptist Shad, who was invited on the recommendation of Goethe and worked at the University from 1804 to 1816 years. Distinguished Full Professors: A. Dudrovych, F. Zelenohorskyi, S. Semkovskyi, J. Bludov, D. Ostryanyn, J. Bukhalov, O. Plahotnyi developed philosophical studios at the University at different times.

Here students receive training in specialties “Philosophy,” “Culture”, “Valeology.”

Practical training of students is conducted on basis of research ideological laboratories of V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University in ideological centers and basic schools of the European network of Healthy Schools.

The Philosophy Department supports scientific connections with many scientific and educational institutions in the world, the M. S. Hrushevskyi Institute of Ukrainian Archeology and Source Studies of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, I. Frank Institute of Historical Research of Lviv National University, etc. Professors, postgraduates, and students participate in international seminars and symposiums in Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Italy, Germany, the USA, Austria, Hungary and Israel.