V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University (Official Site)

Today, four Departments of the School (A. I. Akhiezer Department of Theoretical Nuclear Physics and Higher Mathematics, Department of Nuclear Physics and Medical Physics, Department of Materials for Reactor Building and Physical Technologies, Department of Applied Physics and Plasma Physics) ensure training of about 250 students under Bachelor’s programs (major: Applied Physics) and Master’s programs in the following specialties:

  • Experimental Nuclear Physics and Plasma Physics
  • Applied Physics
  • Medical Physics

The aforementioned specialties offer training in the following specializations:

  • Specialty “Experimental Nuclear Physics and Plasma Physics”:
    • specialization: Theoretical Nuclear Physics;
    • specialization: Experimental Nuclear Physics;
    • specialization: Plasma Physics.
  • Specialty “Applied Physics”:
    • specialization: Applied Physics;
    • specialization: Physical Materials Science;
    • specialization: Electrophysics and Radio technologies.
  • Specialty “Medical Physics”:
    • specialization: Medical Radiation Physics;
    • specialization: Medical Biophysics.

Over the almost 50 years of its existence, the School has graduated more than 3,000 specialists, experts in different fields of physics. Most of the graduates from the School are successful people engaged in scientific research. More than 30 % of the alumni have scientific degrees. Two of the alumni held high public positions, worked in the government of Ukraine.

Three discoveries recorded in the Public Register (out of more than 2,000 available in the register) were made by the alumni of the School. The names of our professors, graduates from the School are known all over the world: Dmitrii Volkov, Serhii Peletminskyi, Mykola Shulha, Illa Zalubovskyi, Kostiantyn Stepanov, Volodymyr Tolok.

The School of Physics and Technology as an independent division was founded in 1962 to train specialists in the most advanced at that time fields of science and technology: nuclear physics, plasma physics, physical materials science.

The School has greatly contributed to the world scientific treasury. Among its alumni, there are more than ten laureates of Lenin Prize, over 50 laureates of the State Prizes of the USSR, Ukrainian SSR and other republics, more than 10 laureates of prizes of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 28 members of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, many Soros professors.

The School’s graduates land jobs not only in Ukraine (at research centers, academic institutes, and universities), but at the first-rate research centers of the world (in Europe, Korea, Japan, Australia, the USA).

Highly qualified faculty members provide training with regard to the latest developments in physical science. The students participate in summer schools held in science centers: Max Planck Institute (Germany), High School (Darmstadt, Germany), the Free University of Brussels, and others.

The School has state-of-the-art computer classrooms, its own sports hall, a dormitory, and well-equipped science education laboratories.

The high level of training enables students to win victories in various scientific physical contests and tournaments, to receive the highest awards at the All-Ukrainian contests of student scientific works. The best students of the School of Physics and Technology win Leonhard Euler International Foundation scholarship, honorable scholarships named after such academicians as K. D. Synelnikov, A. K. Valter, A. I. Akhiezer, scholarships of the President, the Verkhovna Rada and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, and grants from charitable foundations.

Our students can opt to obtain a military specialty and a military rank of junior reserve lieutenant besides their major.