V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University (Official Site)

Established in 2000, our department became the first individual psychology department in Ukraine. Psychological Science School of the Kharkiv University is connected with the names of prominent nineteenth-century scientists such as Yiohan Shad, Lyubovskyy L.M., Kovalevsky P., Potebnya A.A., Ovsyanyko-Kulikovskii D.M., Pogodin O.O.

The important event in the prehistory of the department was in the early ’30s of the twentieth century of Kharkiv psychological school. In the capital of Ukraine of that timeLeonti ‘ev A., Luria A. R., Halperin P. J., Zaporozhets O. V., and Zinchenko P.I., who in 1963 headed the department of psychology university were united. In 1972 the University opened the branch of psychology. One of the outstanding scientists of the time was Sereda G.K., (1946 – 1995), who managed the department of psychology in 1995. From 2000 to 2008 Laktionov A.M. (1946 – 2008) was a dean, who started in science the individual experience research on psychology. In this direction, psychology scientists and now are working actively.

In addition, the department of psychology has divided such scientific research areas: the psychology of memory, the psychology of development, psychology, and sex-role ontoinvayromental education.

Today the faculty consists of four departments: Department of Psychology (Head Prof. Ivanova), Applied Psychology (Prof. N.P. Kreidun), education (Professor Necheporenko), and Department of Psychological Counseling and Psychotherapy (Prof. S. Kocharian) Laboratory of Personality and psycho-diagnostics and Research Center.

The faculty provides professional training for students majoring in Psychology of educational qualification programs: bachelor, specialist, master. Forms of study: full-time and part-time. The faculty is 9 doctors and 29 candidates of Psychological Science. This highly qualified with practical experience who teaches students in the authoring program. The students – equipped with modern classrooms, computer classes, and libraries, access to the internet.

Scientific achievements of the psychology department researchers find their coverage in the pages of Journal of Kharkiv National University V.N. Karazin episode: “Psychology” and “Scientific Notes” Department of Education that made the list of professional publications in Ukraine.

Every year the department conducts the International Youth Conference “Vectors of psychology.” Kharkiv International is a regular psychological reading.

Students of the faculty take an active part in university and faculty social life. The event is organized by College graduates and students of the psychology faculty that works with the student government department, namely: student scientific society, student council, and trade union bureau department. Monthly student newspaper “Psyche”, the sittings of student club and we have time. ” His knowledge and creativity students demonstrate in annual competitions on the psychology faculty and research work. Prospective students – future students of the Faculty Club vocational work “Psychologist”.

Graduates of the Faculty of demand for psychological services market. Currently, psychology, covering almost all spheres of social life, psychological knowledge is used in economics, politics, education, manufacturing, social and personal spheres. They work in various professional fields: education and research institutions, institutions of recruitment (recruitment agencies, employment centers, career centers), psychological counseling services, on a hotline, law enforcement, in business (management, personnel management, marketing, advertising, PR, etc.), social organizations, that wherever there is a need for knowledge about the Person.