V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University (Official Site)

The School of Law of Kharkiv University traces its history back to 1804 from the Department of Moral and Political Sciences, which later became the School.

In 1920 the School of Law was eliminated and on its basis, the School of Law of the Kharkiv Institute of National Economy was created, which subsequently became Yaroslav Mudry National Law Academy.

The School of Law was restored in 2004 by Order № 0202-1/088 of the University President of June 1, 2004. The revival of the School in the walls of one of the oldest universities in Eastern Europe was caused by the need to restore the structure of the classical university and also gave an opportunity to replenish the state, public, law enforcement agencies, and institutions with qualified professionals.

Now the School has 5 departments: the Department of State Law Disciplines, the Department of Civil Law Disciplines, the Department of Criminal Disciplines, the Department of Constitutional, Municipal and International Law, the Department of Justice.

At the School, students receive training in the fields “Law” specialty “Jurisprudence”. Full-time and correspondence study is either state ordered or on a contract basis.

Full-time law students get a bachelor’s degree (4 years) and a specialist’s degree (5 years), or master’s degree (5 years).

Correspondence law students get a bachelor’s degree (4 years) and a specialist’s degree (1 year), or master’s degree (1 year on the day form; 1,5 years on the extramural form).

For more information on entering, terms and conditions of studying and other information about the School of Law can be found on its website of the School.