V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University (Official Site)

The School of Biology started in 1805 as the Department of Natural History and Botany of the Section of Physics and Mathematics. Among University biologists that have made a great contribution to Ukrainian and world science is Ilya Mechnikov, a Nobel prizewinner.

At present, The School of Biology employs a total of 50 highly-qualified staff, including professors and associate professors. Approximately 600 students, including the foreigners, are currently doing a degree course at the School. The faculty has both Full-time and Distant Learning Departments.

The School of Biology provides training Bachelors in the field of Biology (6.040102). The BA degree is awarded after the successfully completed 4-year-course. The BA course provides a basic university education.

The university curriculum includes basic and professionally-oriented subjects in the field of Nature sciences such as Botany, Zoology, Ecology, Cytology, Histology, Human Anatomy, Biochemistry, Physiology, Biophysics, Genetics, Microbiology, Virology, Immunology, Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Evolution theory, and many others.

Students have educational practice on biological station after 1st and 2nd years of education.

Departments provide teaching special courses and special practicum during the 3rd and 4th years of education. Students are carrying out their qualification Bachelor’s work during industrial practice after 3rd year and during 4th year of study.

After a 4-year course, the students are qualified as engineers – laboratory workers in the field of Biology with specialization in biochemistry, laboratory diagnostics, botany, genetics, zoology, mycology, biotechnology, plant physiology, microbiology or physiology of human and animals.

The MA degree is awarded after the successfully completed 5-year-course. The Specialist Diploma is also obtained after 5 years of study. The courses leading to MA and Specialist degrees in Biology, Biochemistry, Genetics, and Physiology provide complete university education. The departments, that provide training Masters according to correspondent specialty, provide teaching the special courses and preparing a Master’s thesis.

Graduates of School of Biology work as scientific collaborators in scientific-research organizations of biological, medical, pharmaceutical, veterinary, agricultural, nature-defending, and food profiles as well as teachers of biological disciplines at Secondary and High Schools. The advanced graduates are successfully being trained as post-graduates.

At the School of Biology, there are post-graduate courses by specialties “Biochemistry”, “Genetics”, “Botany”, “Physiology” and “Biotechnology”. The Specialized Academic Board providing Ph.D. and Doctor of Science degrees in Biology by specialties “Biochemistry” and “Physiology” (Д 64.051.17) as well as “Genetics” (К 64.051.21) are acting successfully at the School of Biology.

School of Biology publishes the scientific journal “Visnyk of Kharkiv National University, Series “Biology”.

All education-related expenses are covered either by the state or by an individual. Everybody has the opportunity to get a second high education by payment. Young men can pass the military course and get an officer’s rank.

The high standards of training are reinforced by educational and scientific bases (the Biological station, the hydrobiological laboratory, the Botanical Garden, the Museum of Nature, University’s Institute of Biology, Germ and Stem Cells Laboratory, Herbarium), branches of departments in scientific institutions (Kharkiv), scientific contacts of the School of Biology with scientific institutions and High Schools of Ukraine and abroad.

Student’s Scientific Society is successfully functioning at the School of Biology. Starting from the first courses students are the active participants of scientific work, take part in scientific conferences, biological competitions, publishing a scientific thesis.