V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University (Official Site)

The School of Foreign Languages traces back to the 1930s when N.K.Krupska Pedagogic Institute of Foreign Languages was established.

Nowadays the School offers graduate courses in Philology for those who are majoring in Foreign Languages.

The School of Foreign Languages is divided into 8 Departments and employs a total of 120 highly-qualified staff, including 40 holding a Ph.D. degree and 8 holding a DLett degree.

The BA degree is awarded after the successfully completed 4-year-course, the MA – after the 5-year-course. The Specialist Diploma is obtained after 5 years of study.

The BA course provides a basic university education. The students are qualified as teachers of two foreign languages or interpreters/translators from/into two foreign languages.

The courses leading to MA and Specialist degrees provide complete university education. The students graduate as teachers of two foreign languages or interpreters/translators from/into two foreign languages.

The School of Foreign Languages has the Full-Time Department and the Distant Learning Department. Individuals, who are the students of other Schools of Kharkiv National University or enrolled in other universities within the city, are allowed to take a ‘parallel’ course of study at the School of Foreign Languages. The School also runs a degree course in Philology for those who previously majored in other fields.

Approximately 1500 students, including the international ones, are currently doing a degree course at the School.

All education-related expenses are covered either by the state or by an individual.

In 2010 the enrolment will be based on the total of a student’s test scores of the National Testing System exams in the foreign language, the Ukrainian language, and the History of Ukraine. The Grade Point Average of the School-Leaving Certificate will be also taken into consideration.


English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, and Japanese are taught at the School. In addition to the languages, the university curriculum includes basic and professionally-oriented subjects in the field of Philology. They are Basics of Linguistics, Foreign Literature, Latin, Lexicology, Theory of Grammar, Stylistics, Lingua-cultural Studies, Theory and Practice of Translation, Computer Studies, History of Literature, Pedagogy, Foreign Language Teaching, Rhetoric. Optional courses in Translation and Philology are run as well.

The School offers a course for post-graduate students who, after having completed the course, are awarded Ph.D. degrees in Germanic languages (English, German) by the Ph.D. Degrees Expert Examining Board.

The V.N.Karazin Kharkiv University Visnyk scientific journal (Problems of Germanic and Romance Philology, Translation Studies, and Foreign Language Teaching) is published within the School.

Students of the School have access to the Internet and local net services in fully-equipped computer classes. They also have a chance to use audio/video players. Interpreting is taught in a specialized Simultaneous Interpreting Classroom.

Textbooks and teaching materials, prepared by the teaching staff of the School, are published at the School Publishing Center.

The School is constantly improving its facilities. A new Educational Resource Center offers a great variety of learning/teaching materials in English. Learning/teaching materials in other languages are to be offered in the nearest future.

The School Linguistic Center runs regular language courses and summer language courses. Translation and authentication services are also provided there.