V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University (Official Site)


The School of Ecology was created in 2007. It provides professional training for students in the field “Ecology, Environmental Protection and Sustainable Usage of Natural Resources” for Bachelor, Specialist, and Master’s degrees. The School trains students in collaboration with partner schools (Chemistry, Biology, Geology and Geography, Institute of High Technologies and others.)

It provides training in such forms: full-time, tuition by correspondence and distance. Full-time: 5 years of study. After 4 years of studying, students receive a bachelor’s degree, then in a 2 year of study students get a master’s degree.

Tuition by correspondence and Distance: Bachelor – 5 years, Master – 1 year (after getting a bachelor’s degree). Students can receive a master’s degree at partner schools.

Specialties: “Ecology and Environment”, “Applied Ecology”, “Ecological Safety and Sustainable Usage of Nature”, “Environment and Nature Usage Economics,” “Ecological Audit”.

The School’s scientific activity is in the following areas: ecological safety, research on the impact of pollution on food quality, soil and environmental studies, natural resources of Kharkiv oblast, landscape, and environmental research, aerospace topsoil research (radio geography), environmental education, environmental examination, environmental management and audit, environmental activities management, prevention and liquidation of emergency situations.


The School has the following departments: Ecology and Neoecology, Environmental Safety and Environmental Education, Monitoring, Usage of Nature, and Emergency Situations Prevention.

The School has branches of the departments in leading scientific institutions: NSC “O. N. Sokolovskyi Institute of Soil and Agricultural Chemistry “, UAAS, Ukrainian Research Institute for Environmental Problems, and others.