V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University (Official Site)

Each year, on May 25 following the Day of Slavic Writing and Culture, Ukraine celebrates Philologist Day, a professional holiday of linguists and literary critics, teachers and lecturers of literature and language, librarians, translators, and everyone who has devoted their education and professional career to philology.

Philology (from the ancient Greek “love of word”) is one of the most interesting sciences, which combines a large number of scientific trends studying our rich cultural heritage reflected both in literary works and in the language culture.

The School of Philology of Karazin University is proud to have enriched the myriad of prominent scholars, educators, writers who have significantly contributed to the development of national philological science. In particular, the University Presidents at different times were philologists Ivan Rizhsky, Vasyl Dzhunkovsky, Ivan Kroneberg, Petro Hulak-Artemovsky and Karl Voigt.

Moreover, the linguistic studies of Karazin University scholars Alexander Potebnja, Izmail Sreznevsky, Dmitriy Ovsyanyko-Kulikovsky, Yurii Shevelov, Nikolay Nakonechny, Aleksandr Beletsky, Leonid Bulakhovskyi are recognized as heritage of the world philological thought.

Congratulations to all philologists on their professional holiday, and wishes of inspiration and outstanding scientific achievements!